$150K Prizes for Young investigators

Pre-Application Form

  • (Those born before 02/12/1983 are not eligible)
  • Clearly describe the research you propose to conduct. Include your overall objectives, hypothesis and specific aims, and clearly indicate expected outcomes by the end of the one-year grant period.
  • Please briefly answer: 1) How is your approach transformative? How is it different from what is already being done? 2) If successful, how will your results significantly impact the fields of human immunology and/or vaccinology?
  • Briefly outline the primary technical challenges inherent in your approach and possible solutions for overcoming potential problems. Also, list appropriate specific milestones for the year, and a brief plan for achieving the milestones.
  • Provide a brief summary of your expertise and that of others who will help you conduct this research project. Briefly describe the scientific environment at your research institution and the facilities and technical support available to you for your proposed project. Note: A separate biographical sketch form must also be completed and included with this pre-application submission.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.

    Please download and fill out a pre-application biographical sketch form.  Please upload and submit biographical sketch with your application.

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