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At a landmark meeting in La Jolla, California in February 2014, 35 leading global scientists from the public and private sectors came together to discuss the creation of the Human Vaccines Project, and the primary scientific hurdles impeding the development of new vaccines. Recognizing the potential of recent technological advances in genomics, bioinformatics and systems biology, participants unanimously endorsed the vision and mission of the Project as potentially transformative for human health, and called for a decade-long, $1 billion-plus effort to decode the human immune system.

Initially incubated by the International AIDS Vaccines Initiative (IAVI) with seed funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Project followed this first meeting with a series of workshops on specific components of its scientific and business plans. With a growing number of collaborations, the Project was spun out as an independent global nonprofit organization, supported by a founding Board of Directors and an internationally recognized Scientific Steering Committee.

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