Influenza Webinar Series

Monitoring B cell response to immunogens, one cell at a time…

Dr. Adrian McDermott


About Dr. Adrian McDermott

Dr. Adrian McDermott has been an experimental virologist and immunologist for over 25 years.  He has gained experience in the fields of immunogenetics, vaccinology and infectious disease immunology. He has been constantly fascinated in the hierarchy of immune responses associated with protection from viral disease and how this can be translated into vaccine design, particularly for HIV and influenza. During his tenure at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) he led novel work in pre-clinical immunology, directed a large consortium dedicated to the investigation of factors associated with protection elicited by live attenuated SIVs, identified, designed and evaluated unique replicating vector platforms for delivery of T and B cell immunogens. He also extended his post-doctoral work with Dr. David Watkins, which developed the low dose-multiple exposure SIV NHP challenge model for the improved assessment of vaccines in the face of virus challenge. This work has been subsequently standardized and widely employed, as the ‘SIV acquisition model’, which allows the evaluation of HIV vaccine strategies in terms of ‘protection from multiple exposures’ in the NHP.  Since arriving at the Vaccine Research Center (VRC)-NIH in 2011, Dr. McDermott has directed the Immunology Core Laboratory and currently leads a multi-disciplinary program that performs basic vaccine discovery B cell research through to the assessment and clinical evaluation of lead vaccine candidates.  His group has published in-depth analyses of influenza and HIV vaccine strategies, which are aimed at the discovery and development of a safe, effective vaccines.