Newborn Immunity Initiative

Protecting those most vulnerable to disease

Reduce Infant Mortality by Half

Every year, there are 3 million stillbirths, 15 million babies born dangerously pre-term, and 800,000 newborns die from infection. This huge toll is so pervasive, so old that we have accepted it as unchangeable—silenced it. But now new science is emerging to break old dogmas, and the time has come to revolutionize how we protect the most vulnerable among us, end health disparities and dramatically reduce infant deaths.

To address this unsolved and often overlooked problem, the Human Vaccines Project in partnership with the Telethon Kids Institute launched the Newborn Immunity Initiative (NII). The initiative has set the ambitious vision of reducing infant deaths by half by unlocking to the power of maternal and newborn immunity. The NII seeks to determine how to best harness the unique immunity of mothers and infants to improve pregnancy outcomes and reduce infant disease and death.

By focusing on vaccines that are already proven to be safe and effective, the NII will deliver immediately implementable solutions that will prevent the suffering of countless families, while laying the foundation for vaccines of the future designed to give every baby a chance at life.

Help us protect mothers and their children​ and give them a healthy beginning


About the Telethon Kids Institute

The Telethon Kids Institute (TKI) is one of Australia’s leading research institutes dedicated to kids’ health and well-being, and a pioneer in advanced systems biology studies. Telethon Kids brings together laboratory, clinical and population-based research to discover ways to prevent, treat and cure the most common and devastating diseases and issues affecting children and young people in Australia and throughout the world. The TKI undertakes research in many areas including cancer, diabetes, respiratory health, infectious diseases, youth health, mental health and disability.