In recognition of its five-year anniversary, the Human Vaccines Project is seeking to raise $2 million to fund the next steps towards harnessing the power of the human immune system

New York City (November 22, 2021). Five years ago, the global nonprofit organization Human Vaccines Project set out to solve one of the greatest scientific challenges of the 21st century – to decode the human immune system – to transform the future of biomedical discovery, revolutionize product development for therapeutics and vaccines, and promote health equity by increasing health-spans and lifespans for all.

In celebration of this five-year anniversary, the Human Vaccines Project (HVP) has embarked upon a $2 million year-end campaign to catalyze the next steps towards decoding the human immune system and achieving its long-term goal of developing an AI model of human immunity. The campaign, which is asking for tax-deductible donations to support HVP’s global studies, will continue through the end of the year.

Our mission to decode the human immune system and harness its power to prevent and control major global diseases is now more important – and achievable – than ever before,” says Dr. Wayne C. Koff, president and CEO of the Human Vaccines Project. “I’m tremendously proud of the progress to date that our global consortium has achieved – work that our philanthropic, government, academic and NGO partners are central to advancing and elevating.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the critical importance of our mission and has highlighted the limitations of our current understanding of human immunity,” adds Ted Schenkelberg, HVP’s senior vice president and chief strategy officer. “This fundraising campaign will propel our work to better protect vulnerable populations against pandemics as well as climate-driven health disasters and growing health inequalities.

Pioneering a New Era of Health: The Human Vaccine Project’s Vision and Future

Modeled after the Human Genome Project, and catalyzed by technological advances across biomedical, computer and engineering sciences, the Human Vaccines Project established a premier global research consortium and conducted the most comprehensive studies to date on the human immunome. Most recently, the Project used AI and machine learning to identify biomarkers predictive of effective immunity, and together with our partners we have begun to assemble the world’s largest database on human immunity to facilitate development of AI models.

Now the Project has launched this end-year fundraising campaign to catalyze the next phase of its strategic plan and advance towards developing an AI model of the human immune system and transforming the future of human health. Gifts may be made through HVP’s secure website:

In the next five years, the Human Vaccines Project, together with an expanding set of global partners, will build upon its strong foundation to accomplish a set of grand challenges for decoding the human immunome at the intersection of AI and human immunology.  This will include creating a strategic roadmap of achievable milestones to track progress towards development of an AI model of the human immune system and addressing knowledge gaps in optimizing human immunity for those populations most vulnerable to disease.

As one of the founding members of the Project’s Scientific Steering Committee, Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty said: “We are on the verge of a revolution in human health, driven by understanding for the first time how the immune system fights disease.” We know this to be true now more than ever.

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