Jane Metcalfe


Jane Metcalfe is the founder and CEO of NEO.LIFE, an events and media company created to explore the radical changes taking place in humans as we harness the tools of engineering and computer science to alter our own biology.

Prior to that, Metcalfe made chocolate on a pier in San Francisco as the President of TCHO Chocolate, whose mission is centered on teaching cocoa farmers how to make better beans so that TCHO can make exquisite chocolate for consumers and food professionals. She is probably best known for her role as the cofounder and former president of Wired Ventures, Inc., a diversified media company whose businesses included Wired Magazine (U.S., U.K., and Japanese editions); Wired Digital, including the fastest search engine in the world in 1996 (HotBot); and Wired Books.

Metcalfe is an entrepreneur, publisher, speaker/moderator, board member, advisor, manager and investor, experienced in harnessing new ideas to create strong brands, rapidly grow businesses, and lead healthy, creative, mission-driven organizations. She was recently honored with a Webby Award for Lifetime Achievement.