Scientific Steering Committee

Joann Suzich, M.D.

Head of Research

Joann Suzich, M.D., currently serves as Head of Research at Immunocore, responsible for overseeing research on antibodies and antibody-like molecules for the prophylaxis and treatment of infectious disease, as well as vaccines for infectious diseases and cancer.

Areas of interest include respiratory viruses (RSV, influenza), serious bacterial infections (S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, K. pneumoniae) and novel vaccines (RSV, influenza; therapeutic vaccines; and oncolytic viruses for destroying cancer tumors).

Previously, Suzich’s team was the first to demonstrate the efficacy of a systemically administered papillomavirus VLP-based vaccine for the prevention of mucosal papillomas in an animal model. They also developed technology for the scalable purification of human papillovirus (HPV), VLPs used to generate the HPV vaccine.