Science for a Healthy Future



To accelerate the development of vaccines and immunotherapies against major global infectious diseases and cancers by decoding the human immune system.


Vaccines have helped people conquer and control a wide range of diseases, but humanity is increasingly held back by the limits of scientific knowledge.

Today, the diseases people battle are much more insidious and biologically complex than those conquered in the past. Despite decades of work and billions in investment, vaccines for HIV, tuberculosis, and cancers have evaded scientists’ best efforts and humanity remains unprepared against the next pandemic.

A new approach is necessary now, one that is rooted in identifying and understanding the common elements of the human immune system that overlap across global populations and that allows us to harness this knowledge and the collective intelligence of scientists worldwide toward prevention and control of a range of diseases.


Rapid innovations in genomics, bioinformatics, and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing biomedical research and making real advances not thought possible even five years ago.

Through our innovative business model and global consortium, the Human Vaccines Project is putting these technologies in the hands of the world’s top scientists. We are bringing together some of the world’s leading universities, companies, and nonprofits in a coordinated effort to decode the human immune system and transform how we prevent and treat disease.

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