Bioinformatics and Machine Learning Core


Bioinformatics / Machine Learning

Within the last decade, biomedical tools such as genomics and systems biology have dramatically converged with advances in bioinformatics and machine learning. These tools are providing an unprecedented opportunity to understand the key components and rules of the human immune system, transforming how we develop new vaccines and therapeutics.

Once scaled, the Human Vaccines Project will represent one of largest data initiatives in the biomedical sciences, with potential data outputs estimated at hundreds of billions times that of the Human Genome Project.

To manage and analyze this volume of data, we have established a global Bioinformatics and Machine Learning Core located at the J. Craig Venter Institute and the University of California, San Diego, making use of the extensive computing resources at the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

Our unique consortium model breaks down traditional barriers between the biological and computer sciences. Leading bioinformatics researchers work with top vaccine scientists to design, implement, and analyze outputs from our scientific studies.

As a global nonprofit, we are committed to open-source access to our data. We are working with leading cloud-based and machine learning platforms to enable access to our data, leveraging the expertise from the global research community.

Our Bioinformatics and Machine Learning Core is led by Dr. Richard Scheuermann at JCVI and Dr. Robert Sinkovits.

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