Ground Breaking Science


Scientific Plan

Inside each of us lies a vast potential to fight disease.  From viral, parasitic to bacterial infections and cancers, the immune system is the primary way the body combats disease.

Dramatic technological advances in genomics, bioinformatics and machine learning now make it possible to conquer some of the most devastating diseases by realizing the immune system’s potential to fight disease.

To achieve this goal, our scientific approach is focused on answering two core questions about human immunology applicable across diseases: What are the components or parts the immune system uses to recognize disease? And what are the biological rules that the immune system uses to fight disease?

Accordingly, our scientific plan is made up of two complementary and integrated programs: 1) the Human Immunome Program focused on defining the parts or components of the immune system, and 2) the Rules of Immunity Program seeking to define the rules of immunological protection.

Successfully achieving these objectives will significantly advance our ability to combat disease, and directly enable scientists around the globe to develop potent vaccines and therapeutics against some of our most devastating diseases.

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